[Andy Kerr, guitar; John Wright - drums, pre-NoMeansNo]

Noise 'n' Rhythm - 7"

(Alandhiscar 001, 1981)
All Your Ears Can Hear / Television Control / Amnesia / Noise 'n' Rhythm
[500 made. Good luck finding it !; ANDY KERR - guitar MURRAY JACKSON - drums, KEVIN LEE - bass ; produced AND engineered by ROB WRIGHT ]
  Infamous Scientists

Trouble - 12" EP

(Alandhiscar AL12-104, 1982)
Canada's Pissed / Trouble / Human Liberation / Can't Get The Sounds / Nation To Nation 
[500 made. Good luck finding it !; ANDY KERR - guitar, JOHN WRIGHT - drums, KEVIN LEE - bass; produced by ROB WRIGHT ]
trouble- lyrics sheets

Medium raw- Cassette

(B.Y.O. records, 1983/1982)
noise'n'rhythm (live), I can't get the sounds (live) 
[CompilationVictoria bands e.g. Infamous Scientists, featuring Andy Kerr and John Wright; also Red Tide tracks "my son is a kuhwhara" "nato actionaut" "birds" featuring Ken Jensen of NMN and HB's , songs come from the gig at Fernwood with the following songs:They Walk the Line, Canada is Pissed, Two Hearts, I Can't Get the Sounds I Want, Noise N Rhythm, Surface Tension, Too Late For Decision, Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Heaven 26),Trouble, Television. ]